SSBx in the News

    02.20.2013 | The Huffington Post
    SSBx’s Annette Williams in Huffington Post

    A new study from the Pacific Institute finds that investments in sustainable water management and use create jobs in many different areas and fields. SSBx is one of the organizations profiled in the study, and Annette Williams discusses BEST Academy. Read the full story.

    09.11.2012 | Mott Haven Herald
    Hunts Point Hustle to Celebrate Greenway

    The annual Hunts Point Hustle will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13, at Hunts Point Riverside Park and end with a celebration on the waterfront in Barretto Point Park. The first-time after-race party will feature music, food, Zumba, kids’ activities, and healthy-living giveaways. The Mott Haven Herald gives all the details. Read the full story.

    07.19.2012 | The New York Times
    River of Hope in the Bronx

    The beauty of the Bronx makes the news. A fantastic story in today’s NY Times on the South Bronx’s waterfront and parks. SSBx gets a nice shout-out. We’re proud to partner with Rocking the Boat, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Partnership for Parks, Bronx River Alliance, and THE POINT CDC to help bring back the natural beauty of the riverfront to the community. Read the full story.

    07.09.2012 | New York Daily News
    South Bronx Real Estate Developer Turning Notorious Illegal Garbage Dump into Fresh Food Hub

    SSBx is working closely with Oak Point Property, whose Steven Smith is highlighted in this article. BEST Academy graduates performed bioremediation work, including hydroseeding native maritime grasses, laying down coconut fiber core matting to hold plant plugs in place, and planting a wetland buffer strip. This is a fantastic project both for the South Bronx and for our hardworking BEST grads. Read the full story.

    06.29.2012 | Streetsblog NYC
    With Teardown Off Table, Residents March Out Sheridan Meeting in Protest

    Let our people go . . . to the water! At a recent community meeting, three-quarters of the people walked out in protest of the city’s decision to stop discussions of tearing down the Sheridan Expressway before completing a full impact study. Read the full story.