10.12.2015 | Big news from SSBx
    The HOPE Program (HOPE), a workforce development organization providing training, jobs and career advancement to New York City residents, and Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx), also a workforce nonprofit, have announced a formal strategic partnership strongly supported by both organizations’ Boards of Directors. The Bronx and Brooklyn – where SSBx and HOPE are based – are the boroughs... Read More
    01.08.2015 | Students aim to determine what’s in the air
    AirCasting students are starting to reveal a pattern in Hunts Point, where SSBx has been working with five local high-school groups and our own BEST academy students to determine the location of pockets of poor air quality on the peninsula.  Plagued by a number of important, yet polluting, industries, Hunts Point has fallen under the... Read More
    12.15.2014 | In memoriam: Annette Williams
    It is with tremendous sadness that we share the news that our Deputy Director, Annette Williams, passed away this past weekend. Annette was the heart and soul of Sustainable South Bronx, and her work over the past 11 years has had an enduring impact on the lives of thousands of people and has helped make... Read More
    10.28.2014 | New offices for SSBx!
    We now have two locations -- one in Morris Heights and one at the Business Outreach Center Network's Bronx Business Incubator on the BankNote building's 2nd floor. Read More
    10.16.2014 | What’s in the air? Particulate Matter Mapping on the Hunts Point Hustle
    2014 Hunts Point Hustle: Air Quality Sampling on 09/27/14   We had a great time watching participants run, trot, and walk through Hunts Point in what has become one of the most exciting community events in the neighborhood.  As a new addition this year, we took the opportunity to showcase our new air quality project... Read More
    10.06.2014 | NYC ºCoolRoofs 2014
    We are proud to announce that the NYC Department of Buildings has selected our organization to be the Program Administrator for this year's NYC CoolRoofs Program. In addition to working with the Department of Buildings, SSBx is collaborating with NYC Service and the Mayor's Office of Recovery and Resiliency to promote and facilitate the cooling of New York City's rooftops. Read More
    07.22.2014 | SmartRoofs In Action
    SmartRoofs social enterprise continues to employ BEST Academy graduates to complete environmental projects throughout the city. These projects not only make the city greener, they enable our graduates to obtain experience and earn income as they begin their search for full-time employment. In the last 12 months, BEST graduates have earned over $200,000 in income... Read More
    05.23.2014 | Highbridge CDC Recycling
    This week, we introduced the tenants at Highbridge CDC to the building’s new recycling system! We led an orientation to participating residents who were interested in learning more about how to recycle in their building. Check out the following photos highlighting the new recycling bins and the tenant orientation! Special thanks to New York City Department... Read More
    04.28.2014 | Celebrate Hunts Point! Earth Day
    We’d like to extend a big thank you to the over 80 volunteers that helped out during Celebrate Hunts Point! this past Saturday. With dedicated hard work, volunteers mulched and cared for over 40 street trees, picked up several bags of garbage from Hunts Point streets,constructed and painted tree guards along the South Bronx Greenway,... Read More
    03.30.2014 | First Annual Hunts Point Slam Bake
    Ricardo Lopez, the Outreach Coordinator for be2 at SSBx, won an award at the First Annual Hunts Point Slam Bake for Best Presentation. The cookoff was not only made to sample delicious food from around the Bronx, but also to create a forum on protecting the Bronx, and Hunts Point in particular, from future hurricanes.... Read More
    10.07.2013 | 7th Annual Hunts Point Hustle
    The results are in for the 7th Annual Hunts Point Hustle. We had our largest turnout ever! Two hundred ninety-six people finished the 5K, which started at Hunts Point Riverside Park and ended at Barretto Point Park. Read More
    02.19.2013 | Bronx Stability Impact Grant
    We Are The Bronx Fellowship will award a grant of up to $1,000 to a Bronx-based organization which fosters community stability through anti-violence, supportive housing, and/or arts & culture initiatives. Read More
    01.02.2013 | Green Business Plan Competition
    Calling all BEST Grads and students. Looking to start your own green business? Get coaching and seed money from SSBx and Capital One Bank. Apply now and see your business grow. Read More
    12.20.2012 | SSBx Helps More Homeowners Save
    Through a new partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services, Green Jobs-Green New York is helping more homeowners get energy efficient retrofits. Read about how we're helping more homeowners save. Read More
    12.19.2012 | BEST Grads: Building and Starting Careers
    Michael Mendez, a graduate of our second-ever BEST Ecology class, was promoted this month to Conservation Manager at Bronx River Alliance. Meanwhile, Pablo Villegas, a recent B4B grad, starts on a new career path. Read More
    12.18.2012 | Kudos For CoolRoofs
    From July through October, SSBx's social enterprise — SmartRoofs — employed a dozen BEST Academy graduates five days a week who cleaned and coated roofs from the Bronx to Manhattan to Brooklyn as part of NYC °CoolRoofs. The results? A resounding success. Read More
    11.30.2012 | SSBx Featured in Upcoming Documentary
    BEST Students Build Green Solutions Water Blues – Green Solutions, a documentary about innovators creating green solutions to urban flooding, features about a dozen of our BEST Ecology (BECO) students building a rain garden in the Bronx. Read More
    11.29.2012 | Students Track Air Pollution with AirCasting
    Thanks to a grant from the EPA, SSBx's education department will be launching a new program that lets students use handheld air-quality sensors to track air pollution in their neighborhood. Read More
    11.28.2012 | BEST Graduates Help with Post-Sandy Clean-up
    Two dozen BEST grads have been employed helping clean up the mess from Sandy. See what they've been doing and how their training prepared them for disaster relief. Read More
    10.31.2012 | Sixth Annual Hunts Point Hustle
    We'd deeply grateful for the support of our wonderful sponsors who provided funding, prizes, volunteers and more. Their support helped make the Hustle one of the year's best community events in the South Bronx. Read More
    09.25.2012 | Hunts Point Landing Opens
    Hunts Point Landing, the latest addition to the South Bronx Greenway to be completed, officially opened on Monday, September 24th. Read More
    08.22.2012 | Newest BEST Grads Ready for Work
    In July of 2012, SSBx celebrated the 39 newest graduates of BEST Academy's BEST ECO (BECO) and Best for Buildings (B4B) programs at a lunchtime ceremony. Read More
    08.21.2012 | NYC Honors SSBx
    SSBx staff headed to Gracie Mansion on July 10th to receive the 2012 NYC Neighborhood Achievement Award for BEST Academy. Read More
    08.11.2012 | Meet Angela Tovar, Community Greening Planner
    From helping maintain the South Bronx Greenway to fighting for the removal of the Sheridan Expressway, our new Community Greening Planner, Angela Tovar, is dedicated to improvement. “I grew up in an industrial neighborhood similar to Hunts Point, and am committed to quality-of-life issues,” she says. “I saw the job description for Community Greening Planner and I thought, This is my job. I’m getting this job.” Read More
    08.02.2012 | SSBx Wins First Citywide Contract
    Throughout the summer and fall of 2012, BEST Academy grads were working high above the city, painting rooftops white. We were one of two organizations working with NYC °CoolRoofs, a collaboration among a number of partners — including NYC Service and the NYC Department of Buildings — to promote and facilitate the cooling of New York City’s rooftops. Read More
    08.01.2012 | Home, Snug Home
    Aurelia Greene, a long-time Bronx resident and Deputy Bronx Borough President, had to keep her thermostat in her three-family, 100-year-old brick house on 80 degrees all winter to get even a little heat. She was paying nearly $2,000 a month to Con Ed. Still, she felt cold all winter. And then she heard about the Bronx Energy Efficiency program. Read More
    08.01.2012 | Students Take to the Trees
    Sustainable South Bronx partnered with high school students from Fieldston Ethical Culture School to host Hooray for Creativi-tree! a community celebration of city trees. Read More
    07.30.2012 | FabLab Wraps Up Six-Year Run
    Two dozen Bronx high school students completed the final semester of SSBX’s six-year FabLab program—a hands-on practicum in sustainable design. Like all of our educational programs, FabLab combined theoretical instruction with hands-on learning. We’re proud of the six-year run, and all the students who participated. Read More