NYC ºCoolRoofs 2014

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We are proud to announce that the NYC Department of Buildings has selected our organization to be the Program Administrator for this year’s NYC ºCoolRoofs Program. In addition to working with the Department of Buildings, SSBx is collaborating with NYC Service and the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency to promote and facilitate the cooling of New York City’s rooftops.

This is the third year in a row that we’ve been involved in this terrific program, which has facilitated the coating of over 5.7 million square feet of rooftops with highly reflective paint that lowers building cooling costs, protects rooftops, and reduces the impact of the urban heat island effect.

As a testament to the program’s effectiveness, Mayor Bill de Blasio recently included NYC ºCoolRoofs in One City: Built to Last, his plan to increase the efficiency of New York City’s buildings and put New York City on a pathway to 80% carbon reduction by 2050. SSBx’s previous NYC CoolRoofs work is highlighted on page 82 of the plan, and we’re proud to continue to be a part of the program this year.

The NYC ºCoolRoofs program is amazing not only because of its benefit to the environment, but also because it enables graduates of our BEST Academy job training program to gain valuable skills and job experience as they begin their careers upgrading buildings to a higher, greener standard. BEST Academy graduates play an integral role in all areas of the program, including building inspection and site management.

We need your help to ensure the program’s success. There are two ways to get involved:

Suggest a roof:
Do you know of a building that might be a good fit for the program? An ideal building is 6-7 stories high and has a flat rooftop. If you know of a building that might be eligible, please complete this brief form. We would also appreciate contact information for property managers or non-profit developers in the city who might be interested in participating.

Volunteer to coat:
We’re looking for volunteers to help us coat a roof later this month! In October, we will host a large Community Day and several smaller volunteer days. Our CoolRoofs site team will train volunteers to apply the reflective coating. Join us for a fun day combating climate change! If you are interested, you can sign up here and we’ll contact you when we finalize dates.

We hope that you will contribute to the program’s success by submitting a potential building site or by volunteering your time. Thank you from all of us at SSBx!