SmartRoofs In Action

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SmartRoofs social enterprise continues to employ BEST Academy graduates to complete environmental projects throughout the city. These projects not only make the city greener, they enable our graduates to obtain experience and earn income as they begin their search for full-time employment. In the last 12 months, BEST graduates have earned over $200,000 in income working for SmartRoofs!


SmartRoofs projects come in all shapes and sizes. In the last several years, we’ve installed and maintained green roofs on buildings like ABC Home & Carpet’s Bronx Outlet and a 16-story ATCO properties building in Manhattan.
One Bronx family hired our team of BEST graduates to install a cool roof on their home. They loved everything about their home, “except for the fact that our second floor – where our bedroom and those of our three little children are located – gets unbearably hot and humid in the summer months.” They tried cooling the top floor with an air conditioner and ceiling fans, but nothing seemed to work. When they heard about SmartRoofs, they contacted us for more information. Our crew coated their roof with special white paint that reflects heat to reduce energy costs and keep buildings cool. They say, “the paint made a difference right away – it immediately became much more comfortable in our home – and our electric bill started coming down as well.”