SSBx Wins First Citywide Contract

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Cool Roofs 041Throughout the summer and fall of 2012, BEST Academy grads were working high above the city, painting rooftops white. We were one of two organizations working with NYC °CoolRoofs, a collaboration among a number of partners — including NYC Service and the NYC Department of Buildings — to promote and facilitate the cooling of New York City’s rooftops.

The goal? To coat 1 million square feet of city roof with white, reflective paint.

During a typical summer day, a black asphalt roof can reach 190°F, about 90° hotter than the surrounding air temperature.

A heat-reflecting white roof is 30° cooler than a dark roof, and 20° cooler than an aluminum one. It can reduce internal building temperatures by up to 30 percent.

Less trapped heat means less energy usage to keep the building cool, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases, thereby reducing power demand.

Every 1,000 square feet of CoolRoof can reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 1 ton and this program helps support New York City’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030. BEST Academy grads will be cleaning and coating over 300,000 square feet of roofs between July and October. That’s what we call cool!

You can check on the progress and learn more about the program from the NYC °CoolRoofs webpage.