Students aim to determine what’s in the air

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From left to right, Ei Kyaw, our Community Greening Coordinator, Noah Wilson, Alex Acavedo, and Natalie Ann Jimenez, three students from the Bronx Theatre High School.

AirCasting students are starting to reveal a pattern in Hunts Point, where SSBx has been working with five local high-school groups and our own BEST academy students to determine the location of pockets of poor air quality on the peninsula.  Plagued by a number of important, yet polluting, industries, Hunts Point has fallen under the careful lens of students equipped with premiere air quality monitoring technology. Recently, our work was covered in The Hunts Point Express. Read more at: The Hunts Point Express

One of the many goals in launching a program like AirCasting is to monitor local areas, but more importantly, to also spark the conversation about what makes air pollution good or bad and then equip and engage local citizens to join this conversation. When asked what they learned, students commented on the connection between air quality, pollution sources and the health and well-being of local residents. Victor Rivera from Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High-school, in an interview, said “The air is bad in some parts of the Bronx, and that needs to change.”

Check out some of our work so far: here.

For more information on SSBx’s Aircasting Program, contact Case Wyse at or 646.400.5428.


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