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Sustainable South Bronx

Sustainable South Bronx addresses economic and environmental issues in the South Bronx- and throughout New York City- through a combination of green jobs training, community greening programs, and social enterprise. In 2015, we joined forces with The HOPE Program. Since that time, we’ve strengthened our green jobs training program, expanded NYC °CoolRoofs in partnership with the New York City Department of Small Business Services, and earned a historic grant to launch solar installation and green infrastructure training in the Bronx through our social enterprise, Intervine.



Founded by Majora Carter in 2001, Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) began out of a desire to advocate for parks and green development in the South Bronx and to promote environmental justice in a neighborhood that has borne, and continues to bear, a heavy environmental burden for the rest of the city.


Population Served

Across all of our programs, SSBx and The HOPE Program know that jobs provide not only financial stability for individuals, but also justice and dignity for communities who have been disenfranchised by the labor market, and we focus on serving those New Yorkers with particularly high barriers to employment.


  • SSBx - Our 12-week classroom-based and hands-on green jobs training program. Throughout the training, our students green the local community through hands-on projects such as tree surveys, water quality testing and shoreline restoration. We are proud that 84% of our graduates secure employment! Learn more about SSBx.

  • NYC °CoolRoofs - We hire 70 individuals each year for transitional paid jobs in coating rooftops with a reflective material, easing buildings' energy consumption and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Last year, we were responsible for over 1 million square feet of rooftop coated and $250,000 in earned income for New Yorkers developing the skills to enter the green economy. Learn more about °CoolRoofs.

  • Intervine - Our social enterprise which trains and employs community members to create and maintain green infrastructure. Some of our recent projects include renovating Bryant Hill Community Garden, maintaining the Fordham Road Business Improvement District, and maintaining greenroofs. Visit Intervine's website to learn more.